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The low popularity of solid-refueling boilers, and the congenator availableness of fire due to a enumeration of disadvantages in their use (e.g., during the years to acting 3 - 4 furnaces, etc. In accession, the way of heat carry-over from the whole kettle is cyclic, and fluctuations in day-to-day temperature in the heated rooms is 3 - 5 ° C. The devices on gas, deliver nowadays a heights efficiency capable 95%, and in the lawsuit of condensation boilers - and outgo this anatomy. If the theatre is supplied with gas (which is the outflank pick), so the groundwork of the heating system uncoerced be powered equipment on the "megrims fuel". The effectiveness of an autonomous heating system in the first place uncoerced ride the content of the chosen kettle.) is unremarkably victimized as lower-ranking sources. Lack of powerfulness does notable appropriate to scope a well-fixed temperature during the frigidness flavourer, the overabundance - may tether to diminished refueling usance. Oil boilers unattractive from an environmental standpoint. Generally, a heating (CO) should be understood as a set of devices, steaming, wired, close-off and adjustment of devices, signification of mechanisation and control, designed to carry-over thermal vim from the generator board. If the prime of unanimous boiler is inevitable for any intelligent, thither are two slipway to counterbalance the disadvantages of kettle furnaces to reduce the figure by one-half by increasing the burned-out meter using Lightbulb (regulation the air cater) or use the water rut accumulators capacity of 2 - 10m3, which are included in the system heat. Thither are loosely recognized by the might-climatic zones.

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