Summer – it’s time to hand over houses to rent!

I would like to tell you about the lease and the pores of the year, when her rent and is easier and more profitable, and the rent can bring you good dengi. Mnogie capital’s residents prefer to live, relax in the summer is not flat in the capital, and closer to the forest and the big water, that is, they prefer to rent this summer cottages in the vicinity of forests and to combine leisure and biznes. Znanie that brings landlords large sums of money, but to rent an apartment in Kiev are much cheaper, almost two-fold. For example, the average rent for an apartment in Kiev is $ 700-800, and the rent of the same size of the cottage will cost you between $ 1800 to 2500 zelenyh.No it’s not stopping people, and they take on a summer kottedzhik. Of course, in the cottage must be all things for the right vacation. If you have customers willing to pay – they want to own anything not to deny, especially in uyute. Takie houses must necessarily be equipped with such things: Garage (after all, a person need to go every day, at least, for food, not to mention the cases aimed at the business), Garden or the site where you can relax in the vicinity of the house (no one wants, including you, I think, to sit at home all the time, and to ensure that travel to the river or lake is sometimes just do not have neither the strength nor the time ) pool or sauna (a “fad” often put men, because they also need something to relax after a hard and long hours) All facilities (this item, I want to say that the house should be a toilet, shower, hot water and other little things that are sometimes hard to available in the suburbs); quiet area (many are chosen for the city to escape from the bustle of the city, its lights and sounds, so the silence must be maintained, no cottage in a noisy place demand will not be used). There are other aspects to look interested in renting a people, but I’ve listed the most important of nih. Drugie details will already be determined directly by each person individually, based on its needs and preferences.


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